Competitive Classes

Our team level classes offer an opportunity for our young women to compete in the sport we all know and love. Competing in the sport of gymnastics teaches discipline and an intense work ethic while emphasizing the importance of supporting one another to fulfill their full potential. The best competitive gymnasts not only have talent but have a love for gymnastics and a drive to excel. Participation in our team is by invitation only but we regularly evaluate our gymnasts to make sure that they are placed at the level most appropriate for their skill level.

We have two tracts on our team: USAG Development Program and Xcel. Both programs are highly competitive and produce amazing, dedicated athletes. The USAG Development Program requires more hours of practice per week and is designed for gymnasts wishing to be dedicated to gymnastics exclusively. The Xcel program requires fewer hours of dedication and is designed for gymnasts wishing to have the flexibility to participate in other sports alongside gymnastics. The USAG Development Program has a more rigid skill requirement for each level allowing for a deep understanding of basic skills and a mastery of skills on every event where the Xcel program offers more flexible skill range within each level to for each individual gymnast and allows them to move up in levels even if they are more advanced on one event than another.

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Pre Team (3-5 YEARS)
Length: 2 HRS
Entry by invite only. The beginning of the competitive track. Gymnasts learn basic skills while focusing on form, strength and flexibility while preparing for the competitive team.

USAG Development Program
9-20 HOURS
Gymnasts begin competing throughout Southern California. Gymnasts compete compulsory routines through level 5 and begin competing optional routines at level 6.

Xcel Prep (7+)
Length: 2 HRS
Same as Pre Team but for older students.

8-12 HOURS
This class is made up of retired competitive gymnasts as well as gymnasts from Academy 1, 2, and 3 classes. Gymnasts go to Competitions and have routines, however do not have the time commitment that the USAG Development Program has.