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Current Offered Classes

As of March 2021, we are officially reopen for recreational classes!.

For some of you, it’s your first time at our gym: Welcome! We hope your child has lots of fun. For those of you returning, welcome back! Whether you’ve been to our gym before or not, we have made a few changes to make sure we keep everyone safe. Space is very limited, so get your spots in the class when you can. If you are on the wait list, we will call you when you are first in line! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Here is an outline of our class schedule! 

What to bring

  • Arrive early
    We are doing wellness and temperature checks so please come with plenty of time to get that done. About 5-10 minutes prior should suffice. Our ten-minute tardy policy is still in effect. All participants must be on the floor stretching at the ten minute mark. There are no refunds for missed classes.
  • Bring a bag
    There will be cubbies available in labelled areas for each group. The bag should be large enough to store all of their belongings, including shoes. Make sure they can put it on and close it up all by themselves.
  • Bring your masks
    Masks are required for all spectators and employees indoors regardless of vaccination status. During classes, your child is not required to wear their mask but it is highly recommended.

Some of the changes we have made in and outside of the gym

  • The communal drinking fountain has been removed but water is available for purchase ($1/bottle)
  • Masks are mandatory for spectators and employees in attendance inside the building
  • Office hours are posted on the front door and on the bottom of the home screen

Drop Off/Check-In Procedures

  • Please have your child arrive with shoes or sandals on their feet
  • Grown-Ups are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch. There will areas to watch, just remember to have your masks on and practice social distancing
  • Pick up is still around the back

Gym Policies

Make ups– When enrolled in one class a week, you are allowed one make up a month. If in two classes a week, you are allowed two make ups a month. No exceptions are made. Make ups must be made prior to coming in for class to make sure we stay within the student to coach ratio. Make ups can receive an Open Gym pass if no other times can be met when scheduling. If you decide to do the Open Gym for your make up, we need to know it is for a make up so we can create your pass and you don’t pay for entry. Make ups must be made up within the same month, even if choosing to do the open gym. They do not roll over into the next month UNLESS it is the last week of the month. Make ups do not roll over from sibling to sibling. 

Tardy Policy– If you arrive past the 10 minute mark, your child will not be allowed to enter class and you will be asked to schedule a make up with the office staff. It is unsafe to have the child miss the warm up and stretching in the beginning of class.

Dressing– For the athletes and coaches safety no jeans, two pieces/open mid section, buttons, skirts, or tutu’s are allowed.

Cancellation– We need two weeks written notice prior to the first of the month about cancellations. Any request after the first will be charged the full tuition and dropped at the end of the month.

Masks– Masks must be worn at all times by parents, athletes, and coaches when on the premises. No exceptions are made for any reason.

We are currently operating under the current county restrictions.

Go to GCG News for up to date information.