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All class schedules are up to date! Schedule subjected to change at any time. Click here for a full description of classes!

  • Some classes that appear on the schedule may be closed because they are too full or not open yet. Please contact us for more information as to what class times are open for enrollment. 
  • Gold Coast will maintain our regular class schedule throughout the summer in addition to holding summer camp. Ask about rewards for students that maintain membership throughout the summer.
  • Emails will be sent out to everyone enrolled in classes if there are any closures, camps, or any other activity we will be holding. 


Current Offered Classes

As of March 2021, we are officially reopen for recreational classes!.

For some of you, it’s your first time at our gym: Welcome! We hope your child has lots of fun. For those of you returning, welcome back! Whether you’ve been to our gym before or not, we have made a few changes to make sure we keep everyone safe. To see what classes we are offering, please go to our GCG News and scroll to our reopening letter. Space is very limited, so get your spots in the class when you can. If you are on the wait list, we will call you when you are first in line! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Here is an outline of how things will be: 

What to bring

  • Arrive early
    We are doing wellness and temperature checks so please come with plenty of time to get that done. About 10 minutes prior should suffice. Our ten-minute tardy policy is still in effect. All participants must be on the floor stretching at the ten minute mark. There are no refunds for missed classes.
  • Bring a bag
    There will be cubbies available in labelled areas for each group. The bag should be large enough to store all of their belongings, including shoes. Make sure they can put it on and close it up all by themselves.
  • Bring your masks
    Masks are required for everyone in attendance over the age of 2. Your child MUST have a mask that fits them or they will not be admitted to the class. Adjustable masks are available for purchase on site for $9. If your child hasn’t used a mask yet, please practice at home. Make sure they can put it on by themselves and have them run around for a little bit so they don’t get frustrated during the clinic. Masks and water breaks are permitted.

Some of the changes we have made in and outside of the gym

  • The communal drinking fountain has been removed but water is available for purchase ($1/bottle)
  • Masks are mandatory for everyone in attendance inside and out
  • Markers have been placed to promote social distancing
  • Wellness and temperature checks are being implemented for staff and students
  • Class sizes have been reduced to maintain social distancing
  • There will be an outside office for any questions you may have since we are not allowing parents inside
  • There will be team practice held outdoors, so please watch your child from the windows OR near the pick-up garage door. Anyone standing in the team area will be asked to relocate

Drop Off/Check-In Procedures

  • Please have your child arrive with shoes or sandals on their feet (Children arriving in bare feet will not be permitted to participate. No refunds will be issued). Park in one of the parking stalls, put on your masks, and remember to keep a six foot distance between you and other guests from outside your household. When you get to the front of the line, your child will have their temperature taken and be asked a short series of questions before they can proceed to entry.
  • Grown-Ups are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch. There will areas to watch, just remember to have your masks on and practice social distancing. Our pro-shop will also be open outside.
  • If you are not enrolled in the class you child will not be allowed to enter.

We are currently operating under the current county restrictions.

Go to GCG News for up to date information.