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Gold Coast Gymnastics’ recreational classes offer a productive and fun environment for
anyone wanting to learn the sport of gymnastics. Gymnastics is a great way to expend energy
while learning discipline.The sport of gymnastics can also help to improve one’s fine motor
skills, agility, coordination, flexibility, and strength. We offer classes from beginner to advanced
and start classes as young as 15 months. Recreational classes are a great option for anyone
wanting to explore the sport, whether your goal is to eventually compete, you’re trying to
improve your skills for another sport, or you just want to have fun and get some exercise!

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For the safety of our athletes, we have assessment/skill charts that each student must be able to complete before advancing to the next level. We assess all of the classes except for the Mommy and Me class. There are a few skills that we can let the student move up without, but the majority of the skills are required to master before going to the next class. If you would like to see your child’s improvement or skills they still have to complete, you can check your parent portal where the skills will be up to date on current skills completed by your child, or you can ask the Office/Recreational managers to see where your child is at in the class.


Ages: 15 MONTHS – 3 YEARS

Length: 45 MINS

Parent participation to acclimate child to gym. When child is secure to be with coach along with other peers, without parent, child is advanced to Kindergym.


Ages: 3-4.5 YEARS

Length: 45 MINS

Teaches basic beginning skills on all apparatus. The focus of this class is to build self-confidence by learning skills on lower, less intimidating equipment (ie. lower, thicker beams, small bars and obstacle courses on floor)


Ages: 4.5-6 YEARS

Length: 1 HR

This all girls class focuses on improving confidence, building strength and achieving small goals. Begin learning skills such as cartwheels, handstands and basic beam and bar skills.


Ages: 7 +

Length: 1 HR

This is an all girls class and is very similar to our Jr Elite class just for an older age group and does do slightly more advanced skills. Here they can also be offered to join our competitive team


Ages: 7 +

Length: 1.5 HRS

Academy 2 is an all girls class and focus on more difficult skills with more strength work. Here they can also be offered to join our competitive team.


Ages: 7 +

Length: 2 HRS

Academy 3 is an all girls class and focus on higher level skills and more strength and flexibility. If completed the class requirements, can be offered a to join our competitive team.